Printing Equipment:


Ryobi 524 4-color offset press
For longer runs that demand outstanding quality!

• Auto Plate Loading
• Auto Blanket/
Ink Wash
• 13,000 IPH
• 20.5" x 14.75"
• Vacuum Feed Board
• Aqueous/UV Coating
(Sheet size – 14 x 20)



The biggest and best in
large format printing
Sometimes bigger is best and our 60" Canon IPF9400 is a great solution when extra-large formats are necessary. Featuring a new 12 colour pigment ink system, it guarantees superb quality and productivity to beat the toughest schedules. (Maximum printable width is 60”)


Seattle Graphic Design

Crossfield Magnascan 636 Drum Scanner
Our experienced color experts utilize high resolution drum scanning for perfect, color-critical digital reproduction. Maximum scan area of drum is 18" x 24".




Konica Minolta's PRO C6501
Konica Minolta's PRO C6501 is the ideal solution for short-run, on-demand jobs. It excels in transactional environments that require high speeds for quick job turnaround. Large paper and output capacities for long-run operation, the ability to run diverse substrates, thorough finishing capabilities, and above all, reliability and durability.

Short Run Printing



With our new Canon 60”, 12-ink system, we are delivering unprecedented quality. Color matching RIP technology coupled with unbelievably fine detail gives us the ability to match your originals like nothing you have ever seen. Newly developed,
12-color pigment ink system designed to expand the color reproduction range by providing an extremely wide CMYK / RGB color gamut for vivid accurate colors and fine precise details. This RGB expanded 7 color space utilizes red, green & blue ink cartridges in addition to the standard process inks to produce brilliant colors to more accurately match a broader spectrum of colors. Additionally, two levels of gray provide a perfectly neutral monotone output that surpasses expectations.
Also, the utilization of automatic switching between regular black and matte black eliminates the wasted ink and time spent swapping out ink tanks.
The combinations of these 12 inks produce exquisite results.

(Maximum printable width is 59.75 ”)





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